(Master Plan of Our Universe)

and an essay on "Theory of Everything"

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About The Author


I was born in Istanbul on 1938. I was graduated from primary school in 1950 in Istanbul; and from secondary school and high school in 1957 in Adana located in south Anatolia.

After the military service in 1963, I have decided to find an Institute which makes research for a more livable World, and work there for a lifetime.

After being graduated from Ankara School of Economics and Commercial Science in 1968, I went to Germany. For two-three years in Germany, I made contacts in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland with some of nearly 300 addresses which I found in the address books. I came to a conclusion that all of them were political corporations which have in fact been founded for cover humanistic purposes.

Now in the year 2013, after a half century, I believe that with this book, I achieved the goal I have determined in 1963 to a certain extent, since 1978 when I came back from Germany.

I belive that I wrote in this book what the people want to know but they do not know and what they want to say but cannot say.

But, it will only be possible to achieve the real goal by academicians’ (named as philoso-phers) updating and improving this study in the light of new improvements, in a Cosmology Institute to be founded.

Ancient Divine Light

By Tamer Kutdoga

Today, the answer of question: “True? For whom? For what?” which will remove the chaos in the world, can be given after understanding the “UNIVERSAL GEOMETRY” (Crystalographic Geometry) which is the homogeneous summary since Mathematics the alphabet of all sciences, appeals to the eye. The study in this book shows that the geometric figure which anyone could easily understand, is the “Regular tetrahedron” (B in Part Three, E-III in Part Four) which is the first piece of Plato’s Regular Pentahedron which is the basis of Universal Geometry and also Master Plan of the Universe. When the triangle be-tween the head and hands of Mawlawi dervish is connected with the feet “TRIANGULAR PYRAMID” in other words “Geometry of Mawlawi Dervish” comes out.

In the first part of the book some modern knowledge about UNIVERSE, and in the se-cond part some modern knowledge about HUMAN BEINGS are given. In the third part, as per the modern knowledge in the previous parts, it is concluded that the synthesis of uni-verse and human beings is the “TRIANGULAR PYRAMID” which represents the human beings (means micro cosmos) and which is also the geometry of Mawlawi Dervish. The result according to the "new Theory of Everything" in the 4th Chapter was the same. In case such a simple summary of Universe which everybody can under-stand, is generally approved by the academic authorities, the World can be the key to Heaven.